Thursday, March 3, 2011

oxbow - fuckfest

released 1990

"no, go and stand close to the stage"

that's probably something that's said quite frequently at an oxbox show

and if you know anything about the's probably a safe bet to just stand off to the side and take it all in

unless you'd rather heckle or somehow make yourself a part of the show while the band is playing...the band's frontman...eugene robinson...welcomes that business (and as seen in the movie MUSIC FOR ADULTS...he'll show his appreciation by either choking you out or throwing you onto your knees and slamming his crotch into your head)

musically...this is a suicide note set to music...literally (this was originally intended to be eugene robinson's suicide note)

there's a lot going on here

you can hear everything from led zeppelin to the birthday party to the jesus lizard to alice in chains

and in my book...that's makes a pretty sweet noise

DL: fuckfest

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oh baby!

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