Thursday, March 3, 2011

microtia - spacemaker

released 2010

this was sent my way by someone from their label awhile back (like long enough ago for me to be considered a bastard for taking so long)

honestly...i had lost it amongst the crap that i seem to keep everywhere i was rummaging though that aforementioned crap...i came across the cd...and in my head i was saying "i am a son of a bitch"...and i remembered that i really liked what i'd heard when it first landed in my hands and that i couldn't wait to get it posted

so here it is

this is an unsigned band out of portland,or

they make their own album packaging (it's made out some cardboard that was once a coors light box...and the tracklist is printed on a piece of what once was a pack of camel lights)

and they play what they like to call "post-punk rock shoegaze"

but don't let the description scare you

they have kind of a shellac/voivod/the united sons of toil/at the drive-in thing going on

so without further ado....

DL: spacemaker

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