Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sicbay - Suspicious Icons

Label: 54'40 Or Fight
Year: 2006

Album number three, from the three piece Sicbay, wielding a twin guitar attack from the Twin Cities...and my numerology ends there.
While, their first few records seemed like more "mature" takes on Nick Sakes' old bands Dazzling Killmen and Collosamite (which also featured Sicbay member Ed Rodriguez, who, by the way played in the Iceburn Collective when they added "Collective" to their name), this final album sounds like a band reaching back to late 70s England for inspiration. It's all Wire meets The Clash meets The Stranglers meets 999 meets Chelsea. With an emphasis on that Wire band I said first. There is one song that belies the noise rock genealogy of this band, otherwise it's a pretty straight ahead classic punk record (if that is possible, which it might not be).



Лео said...

finally some Sicbay! thank you

Mr. The Whitenoise said...

Goddam I love me some Sicbay. Muchas gracias!

Mars said...

Ahhh, memories. I used to fight with Nick on the old Skin Graft board all the time! Respect!

Anonymous said...

Link is dead, can we get some reupload?

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