Wednesday, March 9, 2011

today is the day - blue blood

released 2002

seeing as how everyone seemed to enjoy the other live today is the day's a second helping

this was recorded at o'cayz corral in madison,wi back in '98 when the band was touring behind the TEMPLE OF THE MORNING STAR album

it's a little more professionally done (a label over in the uk released it) it sounds cleaner...and not like it was recorded inside of steve austin's vocal cords (what a scary place that must be)

1 - crutch
2 - high as the sky
3 - hermaphrodite
4 - (unknown)
5 - the man who loves to hurt himself
6 - miracle
7 - blindspot
8 - temple of the morning star
9 - untitled
10 - untitled
11 - untitled

DL: blue blood

1 comment:

1918-1955 said...

yo, track 4 is Hai Piranha (from TITD). cheers

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