Sunday, March 20, 2011

pound wi/sohcahtoa split

released 1998

the name pound wi may be a little unfamiliar to most of you out there

they've popped up on SGM a few times

to cliffsnotes it for you...pound wi was the band russell hall fronted before the united sons of toil

and as previously posted...if you dig bands like hum...shellac...(well...anything that came out of the midwest via the early/mid 90's)...this band is for you,friend

as for sohcahtoa...they were from indianapolis,in...and they split up back in same could be said for them as well (you could almost fool someone into thinking they were listening to slint)

so take my hand,friend

DL: pound wi/sohcahtoa split


Conan Neutron said...

Soh.cah.toa also featured Ben Adrian. Later of Replicator and Cartographer.

2 of the soh.cah.toa dudes, Ben being one of them, were also in the excellent Saraswati from Indianapois.

Matt Chandler said...

Good times.

thuglifebaldwin said...

i thought sohcahtoa had a racebannon connection somewhere in there.

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