Sunday, March 20, 2011

the united sons of toil - when the revolution comes,everything will be beautiful

released 2011

you may remember me saying that the united sons of toil's music did my soul some good while reviewing their first album HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY

and you may remember me saying that while listening to could also hear hints of at the drive-in...some fugazi...some unwound...some shellac...

and i'm going to stick to all of that

while listening to this...their newest can still hear all of those influences (you can also hear a bit of frontman russell emerson hall's previous band pound wi)

but this time would seem that their teeth have gotten sharper and they've gotten fatter

things are a little they've introduced a slight sludge influence...and russell shows us just how vein poppingly angry a set of vocal cords can get (just give the album opener "alcoholism in the former soviet republics" a listen)

and if you've ever woken up and thought to yourself "you know, might be a good day for the fbi to start a file on me"...this album is for you (the band was apparently added to a terrorism watchlist recently)

so what you need to do what comes natural around these parts...and hit on the DL down yonder...because it always puts out

DL: when the revolution comes,everything will be beautiful
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