Thursday, March 24, 2011

big'n - spare the horses sampler

i'm going to assume that you...the everyday SGM lurker...knows what some big'n is all about

and if you need any sort of reminder...the band is releasing an ep this coming may (their first recorded material since their split release with the band oxes back in 2000)

and with this...i'm giving you 2 reasons to purchase this business when it comes out

reason #1...the song "like a killer"

reason #2...the song "seaworthy" (you could almost fool someone into thinking that this was the jesus lizard)

so with that being said....

DL: spare the horses sampler


Anonymous said...

i only just worked out how to leave comment here LOL. Too much weed i guess. Yr blog is the best on the net...well for people who live and breathe the Jesus Lizard/the Melvins. Keep up the good work. Yes i do download shitloads. But always try to buy the best stuff from Amazon second hand and delete any files i don't like so much. Thanks for the Come upload a while back too..

Anonymous said...

And these guys are playing day two of the Africantape festival in Rennes, France, along with Oxes, Papaye, the Cesarians, 3 Second Kiss, Tormenta, & lo Manade Stanca on April 30th.

Big'n are using thee facecrack as their "official" site, so check their page out here -

Also, day one of the festival has Ventura, Aucan, and a few other good acts bringing the noise.
If you can actually afford to fuck off to France for three days of tinnitus inducing good times, ye should probably do it.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know about BIG'N,awesome noise rock band are back,a pleasure!
best wishes for 2011

Jessica said...

WOW. I still HAVE that Big'n/Oxes 7". I got it at an Oxes show at the wherehouse in Winston-Salem in 200 or so and i played the hell out of it for years.

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