Sunday, February 6, 2011

ventura w/david yow - it's raining on one of my islands/la petit chaperon beige 7"

released 2010

ever find yourself wondering what it would sound like if david yow were to front shellac?

well...wonder no more

"it's raining on one of my islands" will be one of the best songs you've ever heard

and if you don't think so...i'll throw this mannequin down a flight of stairs

DL: ventura w/david yow


Anonymous said...

I caught wind of this awesome marriage right when it happened, and you are totally right - this song fucking rules. For footage of their meeting, check this out:

-Daniel Ruder

Anonymous said...

Love it. Do you know anything else about Ventura?

VNTR said...

Dear Head of Shiny Grey Monotone blog!
Thanks a lot for sharing the Melvins residency shows!

And if interested in Ventura, check out our latest album, on the Africantape website:

diego from ventura

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