Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brass Castle - Brass Castle

Label: Velocette
Year: 2006

If Velocette is still a functioning label, this record might still be in print, and available, but good luck finding it. Of course, if you do, grab it.
Brass Castle is two dudes here in Atlanta (not from Atlanta, just living here, or at least one lives here still and one lives in New York or something, has a band called Cheeseburger) who make (made?) a lot of noise for two people. Both guys switch off playing drums, guitars, and singing, although it sounds pretty cohesive the whole way through. It's not as if there are two distinct styles playing off each other. Although, that being said, there are a few different styles of music creeping through, from Cherubs to Flipper to Harvey Milk to Minutemen to Blue Oyster Cult to whatever dirty old lp is tucked between Black Oak Arkansas and Budgie in the dollar bin at your nearest record store. It's all pretty grimy and noisy, and maybe a bit sloppy, but never to a fault.
You might have heard Brass Castle on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force soundtrack, or from the music they have scored for Adult Swim, but if you live outside of Atlanta, you probably never heard them at all.
I suppose you could move to Atlanta to hear them, but they might be broken up, it's hard to tell.



jackyardbackoff said...

wow,I'm fairly fucking certain you're the first person to ever talk about this record who said something more about the actual music than the scrapped(scratched out)title for it.If you ever come across any live recordings of them,please post 'em, cuz,live, these guys fucking smoked.They were just as dedicated as they were sloppy,treating every show I was lucky enough to see 'em play at like they were playing for a thousand times the amount of people they were actually playing for(which would have made it an audience of seven thousand on a good night).Plus the guy who had a fake leg would almost always drop trou during their set and give you a good look at his terminator style prosthetic.Anyways,I miss these guys.Thanks for highlighting them.And anybody who downloads this,I dare you to try not to put When We Burn(first song) on your next mix tape or CD or whatever the fuck you goddamned kids do nowadays.

Dr. Brazil said...

This rules. Hard. Thanks. More please.

Anonymous said...

The song John Doe is, and always will be, just simply amazing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah, thanks

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