Monday, February 7, 2011

v/a - lollapalooza '92 sampler

released 1992

believe it or not...there was a time where it was worthwhile to attend a lollapalooza (you could've found me attending the '95/'96/'97 stops in tinley park,il)

but then it stopped being a tour and became a 2 day hipster sleepover

and i'm not gonna do what you all think i'm gonna do...i'm not gonna go on some rant against the state of music nowadays

and i'm not gonna go off on the messenger bag wearing where do you store those nuts in those tight pants,mr. squirrel folks (and by the way...nice camel toe)

nope...i'm just gonna sit back and think about days past...the simpler times...and enjoy the music

now...who wants to have a butthole surfers pajama party?

1 - red hot chili peppers - blood sugar sex majik
2 - ministry - scarecrow
3 - ice cube - amerikkka's most wanted
4 - soundgarden - slaves & bulldozers
5 - the jesus and mary chain - far gone and out
6 - pearl jam - jeremy (clean version)
7 - lush - superblast!

DL: lollapalooza '92 sampler


Paul said...

I had this CD back in the day! I'm still a huge Pearl Jam fan.

yeoldstinkeye said...

Hah! Was there in Tinley Myself for a few of those. 96' was in Rockford though. Screaming Trees were fantastic that year.

ipecac said...

rockford...tinley park...

there's a frame of mind that causes places to become interchangeable

Mooseknuckle said...

At least 3 bands on sampler don't suck.

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