Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feederz - Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?

Label: Flaming Banker
Year: 1983

One of my favorites from the first wave of hardcore (although maybe this is more "punk" per se, but really...well...doesn't matter), that goes unmentioned in the canon of classic releases. But if you can get into a mix of Minutemen, Dead Kennedys, Subhumans (the Canadians, not the English Subhumans), and The Dickies, then you can get into a mix of Feederz. The first I heard of them was on the "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" compilation with their brilliantly blasphemous jam Jesus Entering From The Rear (which is on this album), and then tracked down a copy of this lp with it's sandpaper cover, meant to damage the surrounding records in your collection, and really liked that the songs were a mix of styles and almost sound like the work of a couple different bands. Not a lot of groups did that kind of thing within the framework of punk/hardcore, so in my book they were groundbreaking (admittedly, "my book" is a pretty short book, more like a pamphlet, or a flyer or something).
Get this to at least hear "Jesus Entering From The Rear", and then stick around to explore the rest of the record. Oh, and by the way, the first track is the worst, so don't let it through you off.



Wolfgang said...

Are you badmouthing Have You Never Been Mellow sir?

Anonymous said...

This is a classic. I know someone who saw them play during the reunion tour. He saw Puck from the Real World there pogoing. Too bad there are no D-lister vaccines.

dirty rotten imbecile said...

The album sleeve had sandpaper on it to fuck up the other albums in your crate. (Hee hee)

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