Thursday, January 6, 2011

well...kira roesslar (of black flag fame) started the day out with a home invasion

some recording equipment was were some televisions

but most importantly...a custom made bass was also taken (the one in the picture)

so she's asking that folks comb through the ebay...or if you live in or near studio city, keep an eye peeled

but really...who in their right mind would even try to get rid of it?

someone somewhere is sitting in their darkened basement cradling the bass while rocking back and forth and calling it their "precious"


Josh G said...

There should be no limit to the punishment Home Invaders receive.

Kira's got the ten and a half said...

Mike Watt and Kira masters of the thunderstick. May karma shit on the poseurs that stole that nice bass.

ipecac said...

SGM believes that the culprit(s) should be made to drink whatever is able to be wrung out of hank rollins' tiny black shorts if caught

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