Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brain Handle - Smiling 7"

Label: Iron Lung
Year: 2009

Two song 7", both songs called "Smiling" which makes it easy to say what you're favorite song on the record is.
If you're in the mood for classic hardcore not far off from the o.g. NYHC (Reagan Youth and Agnostic Front) bands mixed with a dose of the midwest ones (Effigies and Necros), then you can do much worse than this funky lil platter (first Spazz reference of the year!). It's really straight forward, raw, hardcore in a good way, as there are no gimmicks, no attempts to "further the genre" or whatever, just fast, pissed, grinding hardcore. I like that in a band.
Honestly, in the time you spent reading this post, you could have just listened to the thing, I mean shit, it's only 3:57 long.
Also, this is out of print, but check out all the incredible music that Iron Lung has been releasing the last couple of years, it's an impressive track record.


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