Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great Falls - Demo

Label: Dead Accents
Year: 2009

Dudes (and you...the one woman there), I felt like I cheated you with that last post. Musically it was strong, but it had already been posted on the other blog, and this and that. It just made me feel like I wasn't blogging to my full potential (as completely queer as that sounds).
So, let's make amends.
Check this one out. Holy fuck! It's a duo (plus drum machine, though it's not immediately apparent), made up of one member of Playing Enemy, and one member of Kiss It Goodbye (but wasn't Playing Enemy kinda the poor man's Kiss It Goodbye anyway? No. No they weren't. They may have started that way, but over time they morphed into their own signature style of sledghammering your face in, and I approved of that methodology). And while you can certainly hear the discordant pummel of Kiss It Goodbye bleeding through, you will also, no doubt, hear some of that tried and true 90's style noise rock deep down in the distortion. Not unlike the way Black Elk marries noise rock to blistering hardcore, Great Falls takes it a little further into the world of Neurosis inspired darkness, grinding away at their riffs until the paint peels off.
I highly, highly, highly recommend you give this a listen, and if your boombox is out of the shop, order the demo in all it's cassette glory here.
I hope this makes up for my prior laziness.



kittyempire said...

Ha, yeah the Loincloth demo has certainly done the rounds, it's pretty great though.

This one sounds good, I will definitely give this a listen, especially after you went the triple 'highly' there.

Also, do you have any Unpersons stuff you can post? Thought you might, being from GA. Not the split with Baroness though... it's got Baroness on it.

Gray said...

I do have some Unpersons, and they would be excellent fodder for the readers of this space. Good idea. I will post them next.

Hope you like the Great Falls demo, I have been listening to it a lot and digging it hard.

Anonymous said...

Anything Demian touches is gold.
I really miss Playing Enemy, but this is a good substitution.

Rusty said...

Holy shit! Right-fucking-ON. Thanks for this. Makes me pine a bit less for AmRep.

Z said...

Great stuff. Sounds like playing enemy(obviously) with some godflesh mixed in. I'm really curious to hear the new split cd-r they have. Ryan trap them on vocals? Ridiculous. But c'mon 10.99 for a fucking cd-r?

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