Thursday, November 18, 2010

Git Some - Cosmic Rock

Label 1-2-3-4 Go
Year: 2008

Off the bat, yes, this band has a fucking terrible name. A terrible, terrible name that no one should be making excuses for, just a rotten idea of a name.
With that out of the, wait.
Also, let's go ahead and say that this band came about after the break-up of Planes Mistaken For Stars (speaking of bad names) and features two members of that band in their fold. A lot of people seemed to have liked Planes Mistaken For Stars, I was not one of those people. To me, they seemed disingenuous and pandering. Worse, they appeared to alter their sound from record to record not expanding on their own sound, but chasing after whatever sounds were "hot" in the fickle underground rock world, and consequently the band came off as fake. To me anyway.
So obviously with that pedigree, and this horrific moniker, I wasn't lined up at the record store waiting to purchase the new Git Some 7". And honestly, I'm not real sure how I even heard this band for the first time, but it was within the last year, and when I did I felt like an ass, or at least more of an ass then usual. These motherfuckers are good, real good. They have stripped the pretension out of their music and just goes balls out straight ahead rocking punk/hardcore. The classic hardcore touchstones are all there, plus you get them dirtied up with the Motorheads and Stooges proto punk styles, and viola, you...uh...Git Some.
Jesus, that name.
As far as contemporaries go, for some reason I kept thinking they sound sort of like The Bronx, but not exactly, just sort of. I don't really know what it is, but the sound is very familiar to these ears in a good way. Try it out.



SxPxDxCx said...

Your right about the name. Great fucking band though. They absolutely kill it live. The singer is also in Kingdom Of Magic.

Rusty said...

Yeah. Was going to mention that the singer also plays guitar in Kingdom of Magic. Really hoping both of these bands put out something new soon. Both are WAY better than planes.

Anonymous said...

hey dude, get to the fucking point.

Gray said...

Get to what "point" exactly?

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