Thursday, November 18, 2010

Floor - Sight Unseen

Well, Floor, the best band that no one could have cared less about until Torche made it ok to like sludge, are being celebrated with what looks to be an unbelievable 2xDVD set put out by Chunklet. The reunion show in Atlanta is here in it's entirety, as are archival pieces, interviews, and audio files of both Atlanta reunion shows (which I can personally attest to...they absolutely killed), so if the Floor box set wasn't enough, here's more crap to buy yourself for Christmas.
And while their renaissance is completely deserved, I still kinda bristle at all the squares who are jocking them now (sorry dudes, it's the elitist punker shining through), and it hurts to see their (superior) ep material (can Chelsea/Pig really be topped, ever?)being swept under the rug in favor of the later lp stuff, which not so coincidentally bears a striking sonic fingerprint to Torche, Floor is still an undeniable force. Other bands might go slower, or tune lower, but nobody else has had the sense to bury a hook that deep in the molasses, and for that Floor uber alles!

Should be well worth your lawn mowing money, that's for sure.

Pre-order information is here


Anonymous said...

Torche made it ok to like sludge? haha ...ok.

Jacky said...

you know i hate it when you have liked a band forever, and then they start to get popular and everyone likes them but only knows 'the' one song that everyone knows - know what i mean?

Gray said...

You may argue that the Melvins had already made it "ok" to like sludge, and I wouldn't completely disagree, but if you go and see Torche play, the crowd appears (again, this is the elitist snob talking) to be made up of people who don't have lots of the Bovine Records catalog in their music collection. Know what I mean?

I'm not dogging Torche for doing what they do, or appealing to a wider audience, that's fine, and good for them, they deserve it. I happen to really like Torche, it's just strange to see people going back in time and digging up the corpse of Floor to validate their "trueness" or something now that they like Torche, when you know that when Floor was playing a show to 15 people, they weren't there, and they wouldn't have been there even if they were old enough or able to go. Floor fans were few and far between when they were around, and yeah, as one of those fans, I do get a little bummed that it's finally fashionable to like them in retrospect. It was nice to have Floor as this small club of fans who really searched them out and celebrated what they did as groundbreaking at the time.

I realize that is a selfish and unreasonable thing to say, and that I have no right to Floor's legacy as my own, I understand that, but as someone who put in a lot of legwork (and enjoyed every minute of it) to seek out and support seldom heard music before you could find anything you ever dreamed of for free on the internet (ironic much?), that's just my honest opinion. Sorry.

I hope Floor does well, and I hope the people who are releasing the boxset and this DVD do well also, I don't begrudge anybody from trying to make something off of the music, and if it brings in more fans of the music, great, I'll have to just go on living my life as an asshole. I'm sure I can find a way to soldier through.

h2o said...

Hey Gray. Thanks for the kind words about the DVD set! It's all off being manufactured as I type this! Compared to the Harvey Milk 2xDVD set, this blows it away. I really can't wait for everybody to see this. It'll leave many a jaw on the floor.

puss said...

henry you know full well why you'd say that, you charlatan

Anonymous said...

hey, my log in word is "futrid" as in, soon to be stinking like a gangrenous cock

which has made me forget my point

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