Friday, November 19, 2010

git some/in the red split

released 2007

well...seeing as how grAy posted git some's COSMIC ROCK down yonder...i figured that i might as well throw my hat into the ring as well

i was supposed to see git some last year as they were opening for young widows (but i didn't make it to the show...but i was ok with it...neither did young widows)

i was kind of stoked on this band as i'm a fan of planes mistaken for stars (but some folks aren't...that's right...i'm looking at you)...and really...this should just be considered a continuation of pmfs as it all sounds just about the same

as for in the red...if you dig some gunmoll (vocalist/guitarist mike hale fronts the band)...some hot water music (or any other band on the no idea! records roster for that matter)

DL: git some/in the red spilt

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