Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Loincloth - Demo

Label: Self Released
Year: 2003

Four songs of wordless metal, in the vein of someone like Keelhaul or Confessor (who has a member present). Meaning, things start and stop on a dime, tempos come and go, and songs thrash here and chug along there. It's actual metal though, so even though Pen Rollings of Honor Role/Breadwinner is playing (one) guitar, don't expect math rock or post punk or whatever, it's actual m-e-t-a-l.
Not the average posting for this blog, but what do you want me to do? I was listening to it, and thought it should be aired out on the internets again.
Also, as it turns out, our own fearless leader Ipecac posted this already over on Colostomy Grab Bag...oops. Oh well, what is it they say about great minds? Something about not feeding them after midnight?



The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Great minds and all that jazz indeed! I did a mammoth Pen Rollings worship post over at Illogical Contraption a while ago, which you may want to check out...

Steve said...

Greetings from Ireland.

Thanks for this, I heard Noise International on a Swami comp a few years ago and loved it. Amazing demo


this cam out on SL I bought it years ago great stuff.almost forgot about it.

Anonymous said...

Dead link!

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