Wednesday, October 20, 2010

victory and associates/hurry up shotgun split

released 2010

this was passed onto me by a fella that has one of the more kick ass names on the planet...a fella that goes by the name of conan neutron

"now where have i heard that name before?"

well...he was the frontman/guitarist for the band replicator (which can be found here and there)

but seeing as how replicator are no more...he now does the same thing in victory and associates

victory and associates play "parts of huge classic rock you actually WANT to turn up, mix it with the parts of indie rock that actually rock, throw in a dash of post-punk"

hurry up shotgun play "rock... dirty dirty rock and pop"

and unless you want to call them all liars...well...that's exactly what's wrapped up in these 2 songs

so i suggest that you snag this up before they come to your town and you have no idea what's going on

DL: victory and associates/hurry up shotgun split


Gooboy666 said...

Two small words for you Ipecac - An Albatross.Be Saved!

satan's pool party said...


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