Friday, October 22, 2010

thirty seconds deep - hot carl 7"

released 1996

a friend of mine recently sent me a disc of music from this very band

you ever have one of those bands that you've heard of...but never actually heard?

well...this was one of those bands

and apparently i was given the chance to go and see them...but didn't because i was fighting with the girl i happened to be seeing at the time

and after listening to the cd...what i should've done was just locked her in a closet and left for the show (i would've put a sandwich and a glass of water in there with her...)

the band were from chicago,il...started out as a ska band...but then eventually put the horns down and became a more midwest sounding emo/punk band (you know the type...they could be found in just about any vfw hall or basement on the weekends)

so do yourself a favor...put on those baggy khaki shorts...a band t-shirt of your choosing (i'd go with a sonic youth GOO t-shirt...maaaan,i miss that shirt)...pull your socks all the way up to your knees...grab that skateboard and go

DL: hot carl


Anonymous said...

A hot carl is when you shit on someone's face. *Hee Hee* (giggle) A warm carl is defecating on their face while it is wrapped in saran wrap.

ipecac said...

well...seeing as how i like to keep my lunch warm...

i'll go with the latter

Anonymous said...

More fun names for bodily dysfunctions and weird kinks: Cleveland Steamer, Cincinnati Hotplate, Duluth Corsage, Angry Pirate, Dirty Sanchez. Tinsel Teeth band should write songs about all these. The singer makes my pee pee grow!

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