Friday, October 22, 2010

megachurch - self-titled

released 2010

these boys from cleveland,oh kick out some serious praise and worship jams

they'll make you want to ride on the back on a dragon while wielding a flaming sword

3 guys

2 basses

1 drum kit

0 vocals

and let's say you dig bands with names like: gay witch abortion...melvins...bloarzeyd...godheadsilo...

is that interest peaked?

maybe you should leave the room to take care of that business

or not


we don't judge

we just point the camera in the right direction

DL: megachurch


theme from fart inhaler said...

Ohh goody gum drops!

Anonymous said...

Great live show as well.....


Helll yeahhh! Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

the first track on this album with the sample is fucking amazing!!!!!

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