Tuesday, October 26, 2010

McLusky - Live in San Diego - Casbah

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2004

More live McLusky, more evidence that they produced a batch of the best music the turn of this century ever happened to see. More reminders that I am a retard for not going to see them play during their brief, spastic lifespan.
This set from San Diego's most excellent Casbah is a particularly blistering one, and luckily someone had the foresight to capture it in high quality stereophonic sound.

Sorry I haven't been posting much as of late, but the old "life is busy" cliche really has been buttfucking me lately. Not in a good way either. A bad way. Bad buttfucking, indeed.



Anonymous said...

McLusky is tops. If anyone has either the "Shitrock" or "Fuck This Band" t-shirt, I will pay a handsome penny, surrender my anonymity and perhaps even my virginity. In no particular order. Thanks.

kittyempire said...

Sorry to hear about the buttfucking, but thanks for this. This is one of my Favourite Bands Ever and live morsels are always good eating.

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