Sunday, May 31, 2009

replicator - 10.30.04 - hemlock tavern - san francisco,ca

aka "the jesus replicator"

this was originally posted by our missing comrade noisebreather many moons ago...but seeing as how the lizard are once again roaming the's getting re-posted

replicator were a noise rock band from oakland,ca compared to the likes of the melvins...shellac...and of course the jesus lizard

on this occasion the band played a show as the jesus lizard (they borrowed the guitar player from a band called lower forty-eight so the band's guitar player could become david yow)

and if you lay back and close your eyes while playing can almost smell david yow's musk...but you'll have to quickly open your eyes again because the feeling of an impending violation will move over your body

it's that real,son

1 - seasick
2 - boilermaker
3 - gladiator
4 - mailman
5 - bloody mary
6 - thumper
7 - puss
8 - nub
9 - monkey trick

DL: the jesus replicator


clintellectual said...

hey, wow, my friend Conan was in that band. now he's in Mount Vicious. you should check them out.

1009 said...

You can tell it's not the JL because this dude is wearing a belt.

Manderson said...


Mount Vicious said...

Thanks brother!
That night was a blast, that was Halloween on uh... 2004?
Andy Lund from Lower Forty-Eight played guitar with us. Who was a band you should definitely check out.

Here are the details. We were AC/DC another year too, and contemplated doing Wire and Black Sabbath, but never got around to it.

Originally we were going to do Fly on the Wall and Blockbuster too, but we ran out of time to do them well. It's a shame.

It was a damn blast.
Dale Crover from the Melvins was there for a Melvins SF Halloween show, and he recorded part of our set and sent it to Duane Dennison and David Yow's cell phone voicemail.

Fucking hilarious.
He also told me that we were at least as good, as the actual Jesus Lizard. Which floored me!
(other than the false start on Thumper of course)

I then told him that we were almost them (Melvins), hahahahah.

For the record, I took off the belt about 3 songs in... the pants never came off completely, but they did get unzipped and somebody started stuffing dollars bills down my pants.

Such good times! Lovely debauchery.

and yeah, Chris and I are in Mount Vicious now. Ben is in Guitar vs. Gravity

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