Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Archers Of Loaf - Live - Showbox Seattle - 11-02-98

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1998

Here's a sweet sounding live show from the final Archers Of Loaf tour on their victory lap around America. The audio is great, and the set selection is great, it's not merely a "greatest hits" but a good balance of their library.
It shall not remain a secret that Archers Of Loaf were pretty much the best band around during their tenure on Earth, and I was a pretty big proponent of their rock style. Catchy but solid, fun but dark, and ultimately and most importantly, rocking. I tried my hardest to win over all of my hardcore buddies to the good times of the Archers Of Loaf to mixed results. 
While in San Diego I caught the band for the last time on this particular tour, a few days earlier than this show at the Casbah and they did not disappoint. One weird note, and maybe this was a San Diego thing, but while the band was playing dudes would have their pictures taken with the band as the backdrop. You know, like they were on vacation to Archers Of Loaf-land. I haven't ever seen that since either, but I remember it happening quite frequently at this particular show. I'm sure if I had actually had any friends, I too would have a Christmas card of me giving the "thumb's up" in front of Eric Bachmann. But alas...as it has been pointed out on this very blog, I am in fact, friendless. 
Enjoy the show, it's a good one.


clintessential said...

fuck ya! i was gonna ask for some archer's. you fuckin rock.

BĂ„ndi said...

Fuck yes! Good Archers shit, motherfucker. I grudge-fucked many young lasses to the wire-meshing-dream-rectum-slayer. Fucking ape.

Matt Anderson said...

ahhh, staying away for a few days paid off, actually. lots of great stuff posted!

you guys are the best.

Manel said...

god bless the internet! thanks so much for this post!

any Hoover live recordings, now that we´re at it?

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