Saturday, October 16, 2010

Surgery - Feedback 7"

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1990

I used to love this record. Like, l-o-v-e it. K-i-s-s-i-n-g in a tree and shit.
I still think it rules all over the place.
Today is Ipecac's birthday, but I won't divulge his real name. Instead, I will offer up some sweet Surgery for you.
I got drunk at dinner tonight, and now I'm waiting for the kids to get finished showering and shit before I start reading stories.
Happy birthday Ipecac.



Gooboy666 said...

This is Surgery at the top of their game.Saw them in NYC around this time with Railroad Jerk and it was Guitar Heaven.Sean snapped the neck right off his Les Paul he was bending so hard.Good times.Happy Birthday Ipecac.Once you hit my age they don't count anymore.


Thanks for the great music.

ipecac said...


the gift that keeps on giving

yank palmer said...

Is it good for jacking off to?

Anonymous said...

all hail Surgery

Jimmy said...

Been looking for this for a while. Thanks for the post. Do you have the 'Not Going Down' & "Little Debbie" 7"s?

MarsHottentot said...

Years go by and:

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