Monday, October 18, 2010

the shiny grey chocolate bicycle monotone experience presents: killing joke

or "the shiny grey killing joke"

this is the latest episode of the SGM/THE CHOCOLATE BICYCLE EXPERIENCE show

and as you can's all about killing joke

honestly...i had never really been all that much into the band up until recently...and i'm slapping myself in the face with a hammer for not doing so

my first taste of killing joke actually came from metallica via their cover of "the wait" on their GARAGE DAYS RE-REVISITED ep back in the day...and i'd heard random songs here and there and really wasn't all that impressed

but then i'd snagged up a copy of their second SELF-TITLED album because of dave grohl's involvement...and i've been driving everything around me crazy with the rest of their discography since

so i put this together...and i'd like to think that it's a fairly decent showing of what they've accomplished thus far

for those out there that aren't familiar with the band and are a little hesitant in giving this a listen...let's just say that ministry really liked killing joke

and is it just me...or can you hear echoes of motley crue's "dr. feelgood" in "love like blood"? (it saddens me that i can)

i want to be jaz coleman when i grow up

1 - the wait
2 - the death & resurrection show
3 - eighties
4 - the hum
5 - let's all go (to the fire dances)
6 - inside the termite mound
7 - absolute dissent
8 - primitive
9 - pandemonium
10 - drug
11 - asteroid
12 - gratitude
13 - intravenous
14 - love like blood
15 - adorations
16 - frenzy
17 - the fall of because
18 - this world is hell
19 - total invasion
20 - goodbye to the village
21 - lanterns
22 - requiem
23 - the calling

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2


Gooboy666 said...

Very interesting.You never cease to surprise me.Killing Joke were true music pioneers.Their first 4 albums can attest to that.Lost interest until I heard "Money Is Not Our God" in the 90's and proceeded to get back into the band.Check out the song "Whiteout" for further Ministry speculation.Geordie had such a unique guitar style.I believe Bob Mould just borrowed his sound and sped it up into Husker Du.

convertido said...

Great choice to start the week. Definitely one of my favorites since high school. Sadly, only saw them once during January 1991. It was such an overwhelming experience I haven't a clue as to what they played it was just a blur of energy and celebration, brilliant!

Rhinocerouslip Bumcrack said...

A love like blood. Ah, the sounds of the early 90's indie/goth discos. Stealing pints and scrounging taxi fares.

drawhla said...

the same thing happened to me, navar payed much atention to them until I found "hossanas from the basement of hell" in a sales bin and it blew my head off. it's amazing.
their albums are pretty easy to find here (in Argentina) for some reason.

I posted "hossanas.." here

Anonymous said...

Great comp. Can't download "Lanterns" though. Thanks! Great work!

spunklobber said...

A nice introduction 101 comp. Thanky.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Band. True Legends. Have followed them since 84, through all the extended absences and triumphant returns. Have seen them live more times than I can remember. Pretty good comp, though would have to challenge tracks 20, 21 & 23. I don't know much of Motley Crue but no surprise if they nicked some idead from Love Like Blood (which came oout in 84) KJ were invited personally by MC to support them in the UK/Europe on their comeback tour in 2004. Great Blog guys

Anonymous said...

Fall of Because is the name of a pre-Godflesh Justin Broadrick band. The Crüe may have copped a riff. Tommy is known to listen to hardcore, noise, industrial type bands.

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