Thursday, October 14, 2010

god lives underwater - self-titled

released 1998

i was first turned onto the band on some random compilation i'd picked up somewhere (i love me a good compilation) via the song "no more love"

it's all about guitars fighting with synthesizers

grungy electronica

this was awesome to walk around town with late at night in a walkman while on the way home from a friend's house while partaking in...well...

DL: god lives underwater


Poop Man said...

Is this a good record for pooping?

Gooboy666 said...

We REALLY need to talk.There was only three bands that changed the face of modern underground music - 1) Punk - Die Kreuzen.2) Metal - Voivod.3) Noise/Whatever - Big Black. Fuck yer Soundgarden,Melvins,Nirvana,even Metallica,Slayer and whatever else happened to make an "impact".You have to look at music from the perspective of have this ever been done before.SGM seems to embrace this theory so thus I felt I had to voice my not so humble opinion.

lysergicaciddiethylamide said...

Yo sup. Gooboy666 nobody likes you, not even your own mother.

Gray said...

Is "Gooboy666" not a native English speaker? Me hopes not.
Regardless of his/her country of origin (who am I kidding..."his"), the point he makes about only assigning value to music that has somehow never been done before is pretty awesome. "Awesome" in the most ridiculous of ways mind you.
I would be interested to know, besides his listing of Die Kreuzen, Voivod, and Big Black, which music he could safely categorize as "never been done before". I'm not a scientist, but I would wager it to be a difficult task to try and identify any musician (note that term) producing music (again, note the terminology) that was not based on the music other musicians had previously concocted and shared with the world.

Please Gooboy666, enlighten us all.


Gooboy666 said...

Well that seemed to rile you up a little.And yeah I'm from the Jersey Shore,Seaside in fact.Fire away.But as for the music issue.I've been into "underground music" most of my 40+ years on this planet and have heard tons of great stuff over the years.But frankly I feel that most of what passes for new these days is in fact redundant.As a guitar player myself I know it's virtually impossible to discover new ways to play but it can STILL be done.Music should make you FEEL something and bands like Magazine,Gang Of 4,Sonic Youth,Cows and the Jesus Lizard are just a few I can think of from the past.As for these days not too many.I find myself listening to White Lung,Twin Crystals and Caspar Brotzmann alot.Sorry if I offended anyone's choice of idols.

Gooboy666 said...

I feel obliged to add Joy Division,the Birthday Party,Lydia Lunch,Cop Shoot Cop,Babes In Toyland,Alice Donut,Rudimentary Peni,Christian Death's "Only Theatre Of Pain",Wire's "Chairs Missing",christ even PIL and Flipper were groundbreaking.Maybe it HAS all been done before.

Gray said...

I'm not riled up, I've just heard this arguement before that "if it's not doing something 'new', then what's the point?", and frankly, I think it's an asinine point.

What I agree with though, is when you say that music should make you feel something, because to me, that's what's important, not whether or not someone has managed to produce some brand new set of squalls on their guitar. If something is derivitive, but still punches you in the gut with it's sheer power, that's great. If something is derivitive, but reminds you of some good times you had in the past, and it makes you feel good, well, that's great too.

To me, music isn't a science, or a math problem, and it doesn't have to always challenge the listener. certainly it's great to her something that sounds alien, and makes you think, or fill in the holes, but if you're being honest with yourself, isn't the point of music to make you smile? Yes, that sounded fairly queer coming out of my mouth, but it's true. A good pop song can be just as enjoyable in the moment as a great classical suite, it's whatever initial impact that music has when it bounces around inside your skull.

Know what I mean?

If you don't like the same music I like, I could care less, because we're not in 3rd grade anymore, and we're both old enough to realize musicians aren't worth idolizing anyway. I think we agree that there is something to be said for chasing down new sounds, and for artists who have the foresight to try something new, but ultimately, if you're still relying on the guitar/bass/drums/vocals construct, you will hard pressed to reinvent that particular wheel.

I for one, am fine listening to people who instead of trying to reinvent rocknroll, are trying to harness it's power and make the best version of it that they can.

But that's just me.

Gooboy666 said...

Thanks Gray,I truly wanted your opinion on this.It is practically impossible to reinvent the wheel this far down the road.Funny about that smile comment because what prompted this whole thing was I was listening to Alice Donut - "Mule" yesterday and I realized 2 things - They just don't make bands like that anymore and I had this crazy dumb ass smile on my face the whole time I listened to that CD.Guess we should never feel guilty for enjoying Rock & Roll well past our youth.Now let's go listen to the Ramones "Leave Home" LOL.As always I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Jersey shore=auto douche

The Daily Me said...

I only listen to I Shit On Your Face, The Strangulated Beatoffs and Morrissey.

Anonymous said...

Goodboy666, you had me at Alice Donut. Best band ever! I skimmed the banter and am too busy listening to great music to get involved. Just wanted to say I love this blog so keep up the great work folks.

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