Sunday, October 31, 2010

the shellac pistols - 10.31.98 - lounge axe - chicago,il

well...seeing as how it's halloween...and folks like to run around looking like other people/things...why not post shellac being the sex pistols

not only do you get get david yow playing the part of johnny rotten (and doing a damned good spot on impersonation of the man)

believe it or not...this show pissed off some shellac fans as they felt they'd been cheated because they'd paid to see shellac and not something even more awesome

1 - holiday in the sun
2 - bodies
3 - pretty vacant
4 - i'm a lazy sod
5 - submission
6 - pills
7 - anarchy in the uk
8 - god save the queen

DL: the shellac pistols


hans said...

Didn't know this even existed. Can't wait to hear it. Much obliged.

Anonymous said...

Man does that sound like fun. Thanks for this unique post.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't pissed off, personally, but it was my first chance to see Shellac (who I really like) and I ended up getting a bunch of songs by the Sex Pistols (who I don't like much). So I wasn't into it. Glad other people like it, though.

Emc is a Square said...

Hello! Could you please re-up on the link? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

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