Saturday, October 30, 2010

Volt - Romeo K.O.

Label: Exile On Mainstream
Year: 2005

Arsonaut says "jump", and I say "how high?".
The requested Volt record that really should have gotten it's own post anyway, because it's good enough, it's smart enough, and dog-gone-it, people like it! And why do people like it? That's easy. This record makes the veins in your neck pop out, it makes you clench your teeth, and ball your fists. It makes other records soil themselves in anticipation of the beating they are about to receive. It's not a nice record in that it takes you by the scruff and repeatedly forces your head into the wall, but luckily for you, the adrenaline is pumping so hard, you can't even be bothered to notice the assault as it takes place.
It's that kind of jam.

Listen to this today, and thank Arsonaut tomorrow. And, Happy Halloween as well.



puss said...

another post bang on the money. once again i raise my glass to SGM and all who sail in her

Anonymous said...

Awesome band. Thanks! Your blog rules.

arsonaut said...

ah, thank you sir

malle said...

guitar player/singer is now kicking with 2-man-band called DYSE which is really great stuff too.
and: thanx for your blog.
greetings from Dresden/Germany

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