Sunday, October 31, 2010

the jesus replicator - 10.30.04 - hemlock tavern - san francisco,ca

this is the band replicator (along with the guitar player for the band lower forty-eight) getting their jesus lizard on for halloween

replicator were a noise rock band from oakland,ca compared to the likes of the melvins...shellac...and of course the jesus lizard

and if you lay back and close your eyes while playing can almost smell david yow's musk...but you'll have to quickly open your eyes again because the feeling of an impending violation will move over your body

it's that real,son

1 - seasick
2 - boilermaker
3 - gladiator
4 - mailman
5 - bloody mary
6 - thumper
7 - puss
8 - nub
9 - monkey trick

DL: the jesus replicator


Mr. Silcio said...

link down. re-up please!

Anonymous said...

Link doesn't exist!! :(

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