Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Life And Times - The Magician ep

Label: Stiffslack
Year: 2007

This one has been in near constant rotation, as it is one a few things salvaged on an iPod I exercise with, since my renewed sense of urgency to lose weight prior to my next physical. Did I mention that I have a new doctor, and the very first time I ever saw him (I went in to check and see if I had contracted Lyme Disease...I had all the symptoms, and was started to get bugged out [pun not actually intended], but it turned out to just be a spider bite), he came into the exam room, and before even looking up from his clipboard stated, "you're over weight, what are you going to do about that?". Uh, hello doctor, nice to meet you? Nice bedside manner, right?
So anyway, back to The Life And Times.
I really liked the band Shiner, even though I got to them late in the game (I thought their name was bad, and expected them to sound like Cursive or something, and wasn't interested in that), so it's natural to follow Allen Epley from Shiner into The Life And Times. His distinctive voice, and big guitar sound remain intact, and this time the rest of the band take the songs to loftier heights, making bigger, more majestic rock songs. You still hear the Midwest emo sound (Shiner, Castor), but now you also hear Swervedriver, Doves, Smashing Pumpkins (who you were hearing back in the Midwest emo sound anyway I guess), Hum (ditto), Chavez, stuff like that. Good stuff.
Also, wish me luck with my next doctors appointment. Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't sneak a prostate exam into the mix!



Anonymous said...

perhaps you should not go anymore.

Mr. Floppy said...

The Life and Times shits all over Shiner in my opinion. Tragic Boogie = best album of 2009. In general, they have no bad or mediocre release.

Gooboy666 said...

Hey guys just a heads up,the "Random Shit" blog just posted the new Pissed Jeans 45.Massive sound,Sub Pop spending their money well.Great as always.

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