Tuesday, September 7, 2010

melvins is for lovers

you know what...they really are

so go on...put on your buzzo wig (i know you have one)...slip into your buzzo brand snuggie...and make your (in)significant other feel all warm and awkward (just make sure the door is locked...don't want a repeat of last time...yeah?)

1 - honey bucket
2 - scared
3 - candy o (1)
4 - black bock
5 - civilized worm
6 - in the rain
7 - leeech (2)
8 - amazon (pts. 1-2)
9 - the bit
10 - instant larry
11 - blockbuster (3)
12 - oven
13 - rocket reducer #62 (4)
14 - let god be your gardener
15 - way of the world (5)
16 - roman bird dog
17 - up the dumper
18 - night goat (7" version)
19 - if you get bored
20 - the bloated pope (w/lustmord)
21 - dog island
22 - ramblin' man (6)
23 - cottonmouth
24 - blessing the operation
25 - mombius hibachi
26 - the green manalishi (with the two-prong crown) (7)
27 - hooch
28 - june bug
29 - white punks on dope (8)
30 - lexicon devil (9)
31 - bar-x the rocking m
32 - creepy smell
33 - electric flower
34 - joan of arc
35 - boris (live)

1=the cars cover
2=green river cover
3=the jesus lizard cover w/david yow on vocals
4=mc5 cover
5=flipper cover
6=hank williams cover w/hank III on vocals
7=fleetwood mac cover
8=the tubes cover
9=germs cover

DL: melvins is for lovers


night of the satanic flatulence said...

Oh hell yes! All the best Melvins tracks in one place. Another good thing about the Melvins is how it pisses off the metal scene police kids since they can't really be pigeonholed into one genre. Honeybucket is the shit what a jam!

ipecac said...

i witnessed the melvins spend their 30 minutes on stage at ozzfest '98 taunting metalheads by playing "boris" as slow as they could

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks!!!

Gooboy666 said...

Alright I'm gonna admit I've tried over the years to dig the Melvins.I guess they're like the Smiths.You either hear the brilliance or you think they're shit.I fall into the latter.But I have to admit this is a GREAT comp of their better songs.Good job and I know you put a Fuckload of time into assembling this.IMHO White Lung,Mayyors,Black Congress and Twin Crystals are the future of this "kind" of music.

Nicole said...

Oh sweet lord head to toe gooseflesh reading that tracklist. Thank you so much for this.

Also you might want to see this bit of sweetness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VZLPxfGHfw
Melvins covering Karp's Bacon Industry

JGRAM said...

totally love their Germs cover

jonderneathica said...

Ditto on the Germs cover, and on the work that was put into this compilation. It flows really well from one song to the next. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

New link please

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