Thursday, September 9, 2010

the fitt - when the fitt hit the shan

released 2010

isn't the cover just screaming out to be painted on the side of a van?

after i'd posted their HAWK EYES EP the band was nice enough to send me a copy of their new 12"

in the review of the above mentioned ep...i'd made references to the melvins...helmet...and keelhaul...

there's a lot more of that business to be found here

and you should've already started downloading this as soon as you saw the letters m-e-l-v-i-n-s

sadly...this will more than likely be the band's last release...which is shitty because the world needs more bands like this in it

so what you need to do now is head over here and give the band some of that green paper you have

and in too can own your very own copy of that sweet kick ass album cover (and of course...the actual album as well)

so get to gettin'!

DL: when the fitt hit the shan


Employee said...

these guys are solid. might be doing a little ordering of some vinyl myself.

eraser said...

wonderfull, thanks a lot!

matt said...

solid band, not into it, though.

the first two songs literally sound like white zombie to me, musically. the vocals are too goofy.

the rest of the album is unclear what it wants to be. nirvana, mostly.

thanks for the preview.

ipecac said...

you're unclear,matt

that's right...i said it

defecation strikes the roto-oscillator said...

This is good love the crunchy bass. Singer reminds of Circle Jerks vocalist. Thanky

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