Sunday, September 5, 2010

Daisy Cutter - Shithammer Deluxe

Label: Rockville
Year: 1992

The precursor to the previously posted "Truck Fist" lp, this ep sounds a lot like there was still some Monster Magnet residue on these jams. And while "Truck Fist" would be considered essential, this one is more like, "give it a shot". I like it, but it's not as heavy, or thick sounding as the band ended up. Don't worry though, it still reeks of early 90's noise rock, and hits on a lot of the same touchstones that made bands like Tar, Arsenal, and Crust work.
Again, it's a lost gem that maybe you heard, maybe you missed, and now with the wonders of the internet, you get to discover it again, for the first time.
That didn't make much sense.

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