Saturday, September 4, 2010

alice in chains for beginners

carrying on with the FOR BEGINNERS series...

i couldn't just post the FACELIFT album and not provide you all with one of these

well...i could've...but it was keeping me up at night...and i can't be doing that if i need to look pretty for all of you...who wants a baggy eyed trainwreck? (if you really want that...go and google courtney love circa 1993...HEY YO)

so with that...

1 - we die young
2 - rotten apple
3 - hate to feel
4 - brother
5 - god am
6 - a little bitter
7 - love,hate,love
8 - what the hell have i
9 - shame in you
10 - love song

DL: alice in chains for beginners


Roger Camden said...

nice comp

and you don't need to specify an era in order to see courtney love as a baggy-eyed trainwreck

ipecac said...

well played,sir

Anonymous said...

Why would someone put flies in a jar?

ipecac said...

because flies would put you in a jar

Anonymous said...

In Russia maybe.

Anonymous said...

Jars are handy.

Anonymous said...

You guys lost a whole shitload of points on the respect meter with this one. I mean, posting the Jesus Lizard, Melvins, and...this?

--C. Noticia

Gray said...

C. Noticia,

While I (probably) agree with you that Alice In Chains is pretty terrible, I think it's peculiar that this particular post would be the one that makes you lose respect for the entire site. I mean, there's been some fucking dreck uploaded to this hellhole, the kind of stuff that makes Alice In Chains look downright revolutionary, but this was the one that finally got you huh?
Fair enough. I suppose we all have our breaking points. Dare I ask what you post today if you had the opportunity?

Yours in Alice In Chains dislike,

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