Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wool - medication/little darlin' 7"

released 1992

someone had asked about this awhile back

and now you all can have it

SGM is a giver...just ask the receptionist at the free clinic

DL: medication/little darlin' 7"


Grunza said...

SGM - you're on fire at the moment. Better than the usual smouldering brilliance -- this is full-on, Russian wildfires genius. Cop Shoot Cop, British Sea Power, White Zombie remixes (the first CD I ever bought, coincidentally) -- all gold. And now Wool. I loved that band. But there's long been one gap in my Wool arsenal that I've never been able to fill: their Your Choice Live Series release. It's a tricky one to track down, but if you did, I might have to pop down to Roget's takeout for a whole new grab-bag of adjectives to describe the flaming marvel that is SGM..
All the best...and keep up the fine work...

dys said...

Don't they do a split with Kyuss?

thomas the real horse said...

hey, i mentioned this! thanks for sharing. not a great band, but this single rocks.

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