Wednesday, August 11, 2010

v/a - why are we here?

released 1983

perhaps i'm posting this in order to get grAy to notice me

perhaps i'm posting this because i found it buried deep within a folder on my computer

maybe it's a little of both

this here compilation is made up of bands from the tar heel state (aka "north carolina")

you know what to do

1 - bloodmobile - drug-related death
2 - bloodmobile - little boy blue
3 - bloodmobile - the smiths
4 - corrosion of conformity - poison planet
5 - corrosion of conformity - indifferent
6 - corrosion of conformity - too cool
7 - stillborn christians - new right
8 - stillborn christians - fred
9 - stillborn christians - aggression
10 - no labels - changes
11 - no labels - compromises

DL: why are we here?

1 comment:

Gray said...

You have been noticed.
A member of Bloodmobile used to man the one good record store (Record Exchange) where I grew up, and he turned me on to tons of cool hardcore, and he gave me a boatload of old NC fliers from shows at the Brewery, Milestone, and other venues. Good stuff, and good guy.
Hail North Carolina!

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