Wednesday, August 11, 2010

crawlpappy - self-titled 12"

released 1990

if you like you some 90's hardcore music...this be for you

if you like bands such as early helmet (their drummer john stanier was a drummer for the band at one time)...quicksand...unsane...into another...

"aren't all of those bands from new york?"

why yes...they are...thanks for noticing

singer brian childers died of kidney failure back in '07

"you guys are such wonder no one ever invites you over for anything"

hey...we'll have you know that there are plenty of other reasons no one invites us to anything...don't pigeonhole us,man

DL: crawlpappy 12"


Gray said...

I was about to upload this last bizarre. I decided against it, because I was getting tired and wasn't inspired to write my normal witty missives, and opted to go to bed instead.


Dennis said...


Rick Roy, the guitarist of Crawlpappy currently lives in Albuquerque. His most recent band was called Catfish Hunter ( Also...Rick's two younger bros Brian (who also played in Catfish Hunter) and Chris are also musicians. I played with them for 8 yrs in the noise rock band Below the Sound ( And one final note...Brian and Chris also played in a band called Mindwar when they still lived back on the East Coast in the early 90's. The drummer for that band was Des Kensel currently of High on Fire.

proven hollow said...

now how bout the temple body 7"? i could have sworn you guys posted this before...i mean shit gray, come on! btw, this is a "gray" band no matter who posted it up. i think gray was the only other person i knew back then who also heard of and owned crawlpappy records. and kinghorse records for that matter.

Gray said...


I will get the Temple Body 7" up here tonight, I've meant to anyway.

You are correct in stating this was a "Gray" band, as I held majority stock in the group throughout the early 90s. I eventually sold out in order to diversify to pharmaceuticals and gold, but I always had a soft spot for Crawlpappy.

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