Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crawlpappy - Temple Body 7" + 2

Label: Blackout!
Year: 1991

By popular (or singular...whatever) demand, here it is, the Crawlpappy 7"! And....AND, as an added bonus, you get their two songs from the Mentally Broken vol. 3 (yes, there were two preceding that one) Compilation. one of which was also featured on the split 7" they did with Sheer Terror that Suburban Voice fanzine put out. What a deal!
And speaking of deals, the 7" features Mike Sentkiewitz from Raw Deal. Sadly, nobody from Outburst was in the band, that would have been too much to handle I guess, but John Stanier of Helmet and later Battles played drums on it. That's good, right?
I only saw Crawlpappy once, it was when they toured opening for Quicksand and Helmet in Wilmington, NC. And talk about awkward, me and my buddy Rob (yes, "the" Rob-R-Rock if you must know) were planning on making the 3+ hour drive to see the show, but when I go to pick him up, he tells me he's not going, but in his place his girlfriend is instead. Huh? You mean the same girl that fucking hates me, and everyone else in the world? That girlfriend? Awesome, I was hoping I'd get 6-7 hours of alone time with her in a car to really bro down. Cool. Thanks.
Turns out we got along famously, and she was a lot cooler than I gave her credit for. Go figure. Also the show was fantastic and Crawlpappy held their own even against two heavyweights like Quicksand (who were about to put out their first album) and Helmet (who had just released Meantime), all three bands were arguably at the top of their game. Good fucking show.
This one's for you Phil.


paul crappy said...

congratulations on fucking your friend's girlfriend!

proven hollow said...

excellent record. excellent story. excellent outburst shoutout. if only you could have thrown in a maximum penalty reference, the posting would have been ultimately complete. tonight i may do with my temple as i please. as my temple often enjoys the pleasure of being pleased. was this also the "long haired, corduroy bellbottoms" faze of quicksand?

greasy gristletits said...

Found the Crawlpappy disc in the dollar bin at the alt bookstore and scooped it up. One of the forgotten NYC bands of the late 80s early 90s along with Circus of Power.

Anonymous said...

rock-r-rock..."stay of the beef, chief" bwwwhhhhhaaaaaa. that was an awful rap, dude.

i saw the same crawlpappy, quicksand & helmet show at the old 9:30 club on f st in dc. crawlpappy was not that good. i gave them a chance. nothing stood out other than some of the bands that various members had previuosly played in (absolution, agnostic front, raw deal, damage, etc). wall of hate, dude!!!!

Gray said...

Rob-R-Rock was ahead of his time, as were his raps. And for the record I never had sex with his girlfriend, as was insinuated by an earlier commenter.

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