Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Holy Mountain / Cobra Noir - Split 7"

Label: No Idea
Year: 2009

I got this record because I like Cobra Noir a lot, and admittedly, had not heard The Holy Mountain yet, but figured if they could hold up their side of the 7" it would prove to be a pretty raging record.
If you like crusty hardcore in the tradition of His Hero Is Gone, but with some cool diversions into metal and/or noise rock, then I guess they do it as well as anyone else. I like it.
Cobra Noir do what they do, which is a wrestling match between Amebix and mid-period Entombed and Infest, which would be a three-way wrestling match, which I suppose would only happen in the waning stages of a Battle Royale type situation or something. Possibly that wasn't the most well thought out descriptor. Sorry.
It's a hardcore record, so if you like hardcore, go for it.

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Brawndo (the Thirst Mutilator) said...

Wow Amebix, Entombed and Infest it is worth a download for sure.

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