Friday, August 13, 2010

america is waiting - in the lines

released 2005

this is a re-post

some of you may recall myself looking for this album over in the forum section awhile back

and seeing as how none of you have either not heard of this band...or you just read my request whilst holding the cd out in front of your face and mocking me through the computer screen...i ended up getting it via

and if you didn't happen to read the post...i had come across this band out of austin,tx while reading through some old issues of the magazine alternative press (believe it or not...AP used to be pretty cool back in the day...before the warped tour bought it)...and i came across a tiny review of this album...and the bands drive like jehu/fugazi/nirvana/shellac/sonic youth were thrown into the review

and it was then that i knew that i had to possess this album

after getting it in the mail...i threw it in for a listen...and about 5 seconds into the first song i wondered to myself "why was at the drive-in not mentioned in the review?"

replace cedric bixler from at the drive-in with guy picciotto of fugazi...and that's what you get here

this was the band's only album...they split up in 2006

if any of you are fans of the band mineral...just before splitting up they had drummer gabriel wiley playing for them (though not on this album)

and for all of you mineral fans out there...a compilation of all the band's recorded output was released in japan this year called THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (though a few copies made it to the states...but are going for as much as $100)

DL: in the lines


Rusty said...

Great stuff Jeremy. And yeah, the singer is *very* Guy. That's always a good thing in my book. Thanks for this.

Z said...

So good. I also hear a bit of earlier these arms are snakes. Love to here "the complete collection"

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