Saturday, August 14, 2010

the stooges - fun house

released 1970

you should already know about this album

you should already own this album

so i'm not going to say all that much about it

but i am going to say a few thing about it

say what you will about punk rock being born on the east coast...say what you will about it being born on the west coast...say what you will about being born in england (but why would you?)...punk rock very well could've been born in michigan in the form of the stooges and the mc5

"but what about the velvet underground? weren't they considered punk?"

i've heard of them referred to as so...but in my book...they weren't...i don't think there was anything punk rock about them...i mean...did lou reed ever cover himself in peanut butter?...were they backed by the black panthers?

no and no

the stooges are part of the foundation that punk rock built it's house on (yes...this includes all of those preened folks that are all like "i'm totally punk rock...i've listened to a black flag album" while making sure they have all the right tattoos and clothes)

so...enough with the words

i'm gonna wrap all of this by quoting a friend of mine: "Fun House- The trashiest, sluttiest, most rock and roll record of all time. The musical equivalent of catching the clap."

DL: fun house


Arthur Rambo said...

Best rock album ever. Here's the simple version of how I break down the evolution of punk rock: VU made it ok to talk about drugs and real life shit - they gave it truth, MC5 gave it the apocalyptic high octane energy, New York Dolls gave it the attitude and the Stooges gave it a pair of big sweaty balls

Gooboy666 said...

Of the 3 legit Stooges albums this is definitely the most difficult to absorb.The debut is brilliant in it's primitivism and "Raw Power" is well - fucking "Raw Power",not many albums can even touch it today.But "Funhouse" was definitely the trick baby of the litter.Not sure of the influences but I'm pretty sure smack played a big part in this recording.

Anonymous said...

Iggy recalls LSD and Cocaine use primarily during the recording of this
album In LA. They were introduced to smack by members of Warhols
Factory at this same time, leading to addiction problems for many years

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