Thursday, August 5, 2010

melvins - electric flower: the scion a/v remix ep

released 2010

well...seeing as how this isn't set to be released for another couple days...we're probably running the risk of getting one of those "please remove" i'd recommend you snag this up while you can

but come's the internet...folks nowadays probably have music that hasn't even been thought of yet

this is made up of 4 remixes (along with the original) of the song "electric flowers" (which can be found on the new melvins album THE BRIDE SCREAMED MURDER...which you should already have)...and will be made available at scion sponsored events may see the words "remix" and "melvins" and automatically start thinking CHICKEN SWITCH...and i'm here to tell you that this is no CHICKEN SWITCH (and that's a good thing)

and if you've ever wondered what an 80's synthpop melvins sounds like...wonder no more (and it kind of sounds like old school ac/dc) mentioned before...snag this up while you can

oh...and i should mention the fact that it's just one long track...if you want to go ahead and break it up into 5 pieces...have at it (i've included a track listing and song lengths)

DL: electric flower: the scion a/v remix ep


1009 said...

Who doesn't like Chicken Switch?

Attack of the fifty foot Queef said...

Never enough Melvins.

Christian said...

Chicken Switch rules and pisses all over this steaming pile!

eyevocal said...

You can get this EP (with separated tracks) from here:

Nicole said...

Thank you thank you! Definitely never enough Melvins (though please for the love of all that is good let this be better than their new album)

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