Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cop Shoot Cop - Suck City

Label: Interscope
Year: 1992

Preceding "Ask Questions Later", and featuring one song that would be re-recorded for that album, this ep was the band's first major label output, and I suppose to subdue the inevitable mocking they would receive from indie purists, they printed "file under 90's nostalgia" on the sleeve.
The jump to major label excesses did little to stifle their filthy bludgeoning sound, nor would it stifle the continued critiques of the band as "Little Black". I'm not sure if I think they ever aped Big Black, but it's a decent burn, so it's included in this write-up. Personally, I can't get enough of this band, their twisting churn of black tar art rock does it every time. On this record there are even more Peter Murphy-isms than usual, but I'm fine with that too.


ficholasnorneris said...

thank you SO SO much for posting this amazing album, haven't heard it since i lost the tape! CHEERS SIRRRRRRR

kittyempire said...

'Little Black'... ouch. I can't hear it either really, but at least it's a clever put down.

Cop Shoot Cop belongs in the Noise Rock Champions League without a doubt. I thought their major label stuff was pretty awesome, especially 'Ask Questions Later'. This EP is excellent, thanks.

eyevocal said...

Did you know that the version of "We Shall Be Changed" on the UK Big Cat release of this is a different mix than the one on the Interscope U.S. one? Here's the UK one, off my own copy of the CD.


Anonymous said...

Damn fine of you to post this, funbuddy. I saw CSC three times at a small Columbus OH dive back in the 90s and they fucking DESTROYED every time.

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