Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cop shoot cop - standards of evidence: 1990-1995

released 2007

you know who cop shoot cop are/was

and you know you want this

"what is it?"

it's a compilation of some rare stuff

"what kind of stuff?"

well...some live stuff...some peel session stuff...some "previously unreleased" stuff

"but why would..."

listen...either download it or don't...but we should tell you that if you don't...there's a jar of sea monkeys setting on the back of a toilet...and every moment that you're not downloading this...well...lets just say that there's an approaching sea monkey apocalypse

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2


endsjustifymeans said...

For good measure.


M said...


cheeselog said...

Seamonkey is a terrible browser.

breese78 said...

At first I was really excited when I saw this, but after I downloaded it I realized this is just all the tracks that are already available for free from Phil Puleo's web site (if it's still up). Also, the sound quality is terrible and these are all clearly "upsampled" from a lower bitrate.

I've been looking for higher quality versions of the unreleased tracks from the unreleased last album especially "hole in the sky". The versions I currently have, you can still hear a lot of the compression from the low bitrate.

Thanks anyway for the post.

Marky ZnO said...

Someone please re-up this!!

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