Tuesday, August 10, 2010

British Sea Power - Krankenhaus

Label: Rough Trade
Year: 2007

The opening track off this ep is one of those "perfect songs" that bands manage to stumble upon every so often. Not that British Sea Power aren't capable of producing the goods, but that first song, "Atom", it's just so fucking fantastic.
The remaining four songs run the gamut of British Sea Power styles, from an art damaged take on pastoral Kinks, to an updated take on regal Kink-ish pop, to a noisy take on proto-punk a la the Kinks. Maybe not the average fare for this Snoop Bloggy Blog, but I love this group, and I happened to be listening to this right now, and I thought, "you know who's not going to care about this? yep, voice in my head, the internet, that's who's not going to care about this".

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kittyempire said...

Good band, nice post. They have a knack for starting off their records with a killer song... 'It Ended On An Oily Stage' (which kicked off their 'Open Season' album) was the kind of epic, catchy rock song that would have been all over the radio in a less confusing universe. Kind of an album killer though...

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