Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bluetip - Hot(-) Fast(+) Union

Label: Slowdime
Year: 2000

Five songs that do what Bluetip was genetically engineered to do, play super catchy, driving post-hardcore the Washington D.C. way. The way that Fugazi wrote the manual for. The good way.
The last song on this ep is a cover of The Damned which sounds better than I remember, but I'm admittedly not a big fan of The Damned, so maybe my opinion on the matter is not of any importance.


kittyempire said...

It's amazing to me that so many of the bands that essentially followed the Fugazi manual are actually worthwhile. Fugazi even had a song called 'Blueprint', but some really great bands sprang up in their wake in what I hear is a fairly small scene. Bluetip were definitely one of the best.

The '20 Years Of Dischord' box set is one of the best things I ever bought... even with all 327 of Ian MacKaye's 'other' bands on there it's a damn good listen.

As for The Damned, I've always been a fan but I think they've suffered from being tagged as a punk band... despite their best efforts to ride that wave I think they were more of a straight up pub-rock band in the vein of Dr Feelgood or Eddie and the Hotrods, except better. They fit in well with the other Stiff Records acts like Nick Lowe and Ian Dury at the time.

Nice post as always!

Anonymous said...

sound post!

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