Tuesday, August 3, 2010


this is going to be a double post

something just happened and now i have to share it with all of you: i was just on facebook and had seen that a "friend" (and i use parentheses because he's apparently not my friend anymore) of mine had made a post about a band called flaw playing a bar in the town he lives in (i used to live in the same town years ago)...does anyone remember flaw?...yeah...me either (though they were fairly "well known" by the baggy pantsed wearing kids back in the day...and have probably provided the soundtrack to trailer park kids throwing each other off of houses onto picnic tables that have been set on fire and wrapped in barbed wire..aka "backyard wrestling")...anyway...i had answered that post with "they're still a band?!"...and that must've pushed the right button because i got this message in retaliation: ‎"Do you ever post anything that's not condescending, your a fucking douche bag, deleted. Fucking emo" (and that's verbatim)...and then POOF!...he was gone

anyway...moving on...

a fella over on the SGM facebook had requested some material by this band (yes...there was a band called ipecac...sorry to say that the picture up above is not me as i'm not allowed that close to children) because he'd seen that i'd used one of their songs on the SGM radio show (found here)

so here it be...some ipecac material (a 7"...a split 7"...and a comp track)...and as far as i know...this is everything the band has released

music-wise...they're kind of sludgy...a little melvinsy...they were from richmond,va...and their singer sounds like a mocking/aggravated trent reznor

TOMATO,TOMATO 7" released 1993
SPLIT 7" W/OPPOSITION released 1994
compilation track released 1994

DL: ipecac


Anonymous said...

sorry about your cuny ex friend, and thanks for your always entertaining website

Anonymous said...

your "friend" sucks ass, you rule, the end.

Anonymous said...

Mate, this site is the greatest. Fuck anyone who doesn't think so.

Gray said...

Ipecac was fucking awesome, and went totally under the radar. Richmond had a good thing going for awhile there, a lot of really cool bands.

Anonymous said...

Cover looks like a mutant Rolf Harris.

medicine cabinet bandit said...

So Ipecac is a band, a record label, and a site contributor. Who speaks ill of SGM I pity the poor fool.

me said...

Pretty Hate Machine changed my life.

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