Monday, August 2, 2010

the jesus lizard for beginners

it's mr. yow's 50th birthday today

and what better time to post this business

you may have seen my previous (insert band here) for beginners posts here

"why don't you just post the LIAR and GOAT albums?"

well...i could've done those would be the best places to start...but i can't just neglect all of the other jesus lizards...they won't let you do that...bad things happen...things usually involving vegetable oil and jumper cables and twinkies

but i've already said too much

and now i present you all with 10 reasons as to why i think about the jesus lizard during inappropriate times (not inappropriate for me...but inappropriate for the other folks involved)

1 - then comes dudley
2 - blockbuster
3 - until it stopped to die
4 - inflicted by hounds
5 - kill mchann
6 - puss
7 - nub
8 - gladiator
9 - panic in cicero
10 - mailman

DL: the jesus lizard for beginners


kittyempire said...

You need 'Monkey Trick', 'Dancing Naked Ladies', 'Countless Backs Of Sad Losers', 'Destroy Before Reading' and 'Thumper' in there. Just sayin'.

Any way you slice it though, the best band ever.

ipecac said...

and "mouth breather" and "seasick" and "thumbscrews" and "bloody mary" and...

believe me...the choosing was hard...i stared at the computer screen for what seemed like forever...and i think i blacked out for a bit as well...i remember looking down at my shirt and there was blood on it...and come to think of it...the neighbor's dog hasn't been barking lately

some actions have consequences

Mr. The Whitenoise said...

I can dig it, but "slave ship" "queen for a day" ...this could go one forever. This'll be nice for the kids.

Ron said...

Uncommonly Good from the The Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation Compact Disc

post-felix said...

Sorry if you'll never see this comment in an ancient post (last week!)

Just wanted to say howdy, love your blog, and really like these "...for beginners" comps. I've never owned a JL record! My lame excuse being I'm still a recovering/relapsing metalhead. I know keeping up the blog is work and reader comments make it worth it. But we're lazy bastards. I read on RSS so that makes commenting "hard".

That's a rambling way to say thanks, sorry I don't say thanks more often, and keep up the "..for beginners" series.

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