Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slices - Slices 7"

Label: 16oh
Year: 2009

Here's the best parts of the old hardcore you love(d), updated with some fairly gnarled noise rock tendencies. Can't really fuck around too much with that combination huh? It's the proverbial peanut butter and chocolate mash-up, except with things that are rotten, foul, and spiteful, rather than things that are sweet, tasty, and delectable. But the point still stands.
If bands like Void, Corrosion of Conformity, and Black Flag beget the Vermiform Records roster, then think of Slices as the next step in that particular evolution. A little more noisy, a little more forceful, and a little more further off the road from straight hardcore.
I love, love, love this record, and this band. It's out of print, but you might be able to find it in some distros somewhere (Vacuum Mailorder...holla at ya boy!), or if you get in your car and drive to Pittsburgh, maybe the band has a couple in a closet in their practice space somewhere. You should try that route first. Go track down where the Slices practice space is, wait around until they show up, and then bug them for a copy of this record. I'm sure they won't be bugged out at all, it probably happens all the time, and certainly, they will give you the record and then invite you in to hang out, and eventually you'll all be the best of friends. Oh joy!


Anonymous said...

thank you! stoked to see these guys tour with Iron Lung

Nicholas Fine said...

Whoa. I remember meticulously going over the vacuum mailorder list running across amazing things* like a copy of the His Hero is Gone/Uranus split 12" that was supposed to be some Canadian tour only deal, but there it was at regular distro prices. I spent crazy high school grocery store money at vacuum.

*cf. Clean Plate record's trade board as well.

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